A Nation Under An Iron Grip

The Empire of Iuris has entered its twentieth year under the rule of Carolus Palatinate, whose Draconian laws and devious behavior have led to a realm of fear and restlessness. Rebels work against him. Harsh guards and brutal soldiers keep revolts down and the people in place. Despite the authoritarian government, most people in the cities are content despite the troubles in the countryside and the wilderness.

A Land Where Monsters Dwell

Beyond the walls of cities and large towns roam orcish tribes, goblin armies, purple worms, dire beasts, summoned fiends, scheming aberrants, and more. They terrorize those unfortunate enough to live without any sort of barrier. While soldiers are often sent out to combat these monsters, they are usually not enough to cover everyone who needs help. Freelancers who combat monsters often find good business in helping these small towns and villages. Some do it for money, others just to help, and a select few seek to ally with the monsters.

A Struggling Quartet of Independent Contractors

While most freelancers are adventurers who roam throughout Iuris, a few set up establishments where multiple freelancers join up together and act as a sort of guild. They gather multiple requests for help and divide them amongst members of their company. One of these groups is Rat Catchers Freelance Inc. Radan has a few other guilds, but none are as accepting (i.e., desperate and willing to take even the lowest of the low) as Rat Catchers. Currently, they have four members including their boss. However, recent events have made things difficult for them. Quests have ended up being not what they expected, clients have sometimes forgotten (or “forgotten”) to pay, and they’ve had multiple clashes with guards and soldiers.

A Difficult Beginning

In Dungeons & Dragons, characters often start out with multiple pieces of gear purchased with a starting amount of gold appropriate for their class. Not in this campaign, they don’t! For the Rat Catchers campaign, players begin with the clothes on their backs, five gold pieces, and maybe some food, along with whatever equipment the Dungeon Master allows. This campaign takes place in a land where its hard to be a warrior, or a mage, or a thief. Punishments are severe. Sure, you’ll eventually get the gear you need. Just be willing to pay for the gear; tax is high, after all. That’s not to mention the exuberant fees, the government mandates on treasure found, the fees Rat Catchers needs to pay to stay in business…

An Episodic Campaign

“Rat Catchers Freelance Inc.” is a largely “episodic” campaign, where there isn’t much of a main quest line. Most quests will be assigned by Rat Catchers. They will take the party to various parts of Iuris while clashing against the overbearing rule of the empire, the strict enforcement of the law, and the monsters that wander in the wilderness. Quests will develop in a organic matter. While there isn’t a main quest line, there will be an overarching, slowly developing story that progresses through various quests. Characters met in the campaign can be found here, posts from previous adventures can be found here, and miscellaneous info can be found here.

Rat Catchers Freelance Inc.

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