Akane Senso Okita

A rogue from the Red Eagle Adventurers' Guild.


Akane Senso Okita has very pale blonde hair, almost white, and dullish yellow eyes. Her skin is not quite as pale, though still has a pallor more so than most. She generally refrains from wearing armor when outside of battle. The weapons she wields are many: daggers, hand crossbows, a spear, a scythe, and a sword. Out of all of them, her sword (a gift from her cousin, Rei Tatsumaki) is her favorite. Birth records reveal her age is 23.


Early Life

Akane was born in the region of Juukinzoku. Her mother is the sister of Ao Tatsumaki, a member of the powerful Tatsumaki clan. As a child, Akane spent a great deal of time hunting with her father, playing with her cousin Rei, and swimming in the ponds near her home village. She at one point considered undergoing the same training that the Tatsumaki went through, but decided against it. Although she had no official job until she turned 20, she made money selling gems and furs.

Rogue of the Red Eagle

When Akane was 20, she encountered Od Axe-Catcher after he got caught in one of her traps. After speaking with him a bit (or so Od says; he prefers to not talk about it), Od introduced her to the idea of joining an Adventurer’s Guild. She agreed and left with him (and Kuriik) a few weeks later. Being that they didn’t have anyone very good with stealth, sabotage, and subterfuge, she found a place rather quickly. Occasionally, she returns to Juukinzoku, but only when the Red Eagle is not busy.


  • Her appearance is based off of “Sakura Saber” from Fate/Grand Order.
  • Her last name is taken from Soji Okita, a real-life Shinsengumi captain. Her personality is based off of Sogou Okita, a character who is a fictionalized portrayal of Soji in Gintama. Her first name is taken from Akane Hiyama of Renai Boukun.
  • Her original first (Kagaku) and middle name translate to “chemical warfare”. The name was taken from the Slayer song.

Akane Senso Okita

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