Belisama of Tataros

A mystic from the Red Eagle Adventurers' Guild.


Belisama is over six feet tall, has dark skin, and hair that burns like fire. She wears mostly red clothing. Her eyes glow like a pair of red stars. In battle, she wears a breastplate with greaves and steel pauldrons. Outside of combat, she wears red cloaks and robes when she goes out, though she prefers to stay inside due to the proximity of the ocean. This is because she has a seething hatred of the ocean.


Belisama was born in the city of Tataros, a settlement built right next to a volcano in Aleaqiq. Because of this, it had an extremely rare predominantly Tiefling and Fire Genasi population. It was a haven for those of their kind. Her past is largely unknown beyond these facts, as she tends to keep to herself even among the other members of the Red Eagle. She trained herself to use her mind as a weapon, becoming a powerful mystic. Cazador learned of her talents and invited her to be the first member of his new guild.

Belisama of Tataros

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