Cennad Anfarwol

An elven messenger known for his speed and unnerving perseverance.


Cennad Anfarwol is roughly 5’3" and barely over 100 lbs. His white hair is somewhat long and untidy, as he never bothers to keep it neat when on the job. As a wood elf, he is faster than most, but he is noted for being even faster than most of his race. He wears magic items which enhances his speed, and some even believe he trained with monks so he could become even faster. Although Cennad has refuted these claims, some question how he was able to make it from Atta to Xi in only three months, a quarter of the time it would take a man on horseback.


Early Life

Born 353 years ago in the Orm region, Cennad was born to elves whose home was destroyed in a raid conducted by orcs. His parents gave Cennad a name that was a mix of elven and the traditional nomenclature of Orm’s people, done out of respect for the humans who helped them during the attack. Being one of the few full blooded elves in his home village, Cennad felt more at home with the wildlife in the nearby forests. He’d run and hunt with them, matching the speed of the wolves. Eventually, he ceased his trips to the forest and took up several jobs: farmer, hunter, fletcher, before finally settling on messenger.

Messenger for the Aarakocra Express

After his first ten years as a messenger, during which he gained a reputation for reaching his destination in an unreasonably short amount of time. His first job, delivering a tax payment from his village to the manor of the ruling lord, took him one day to get there and back. Normally, such a task takes three days by horseback. He was contacted by the Aarakocra Express, a guild for couriers, messengers, and deliverymen. During this time, he gained some notoriety for helping Emperor Carolus during the Farris Rebellion, delivering troops’ orders at blinding speed.


  • His character is based off the messenger from Skyrim, who can seemingly find the Dragonborn anywhere, and will even deliver messages when fighting dragons.
  • Like most Elves named in this campaign, his name was generated in Donjon.

Cennad Anfarwol

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