Hymir Jormungandr

The strongest member of the Radan Rebellion Regiment.


Hymir Jormungandr towers over most of the humanoid races, standing at seven feet, two inches in height. His body is bulging with abnormally large muscles, leading some to believe his body is magically enhanced. He is believed to be the eldest member of the Radan Rebellion Regiment due to his white hair and somewhat wrinkled face; his age is estimated to be in the low fifties. The weapons he carries depends on his mood, ranging from a pair of warhammers, to greataxes, and sometimes a glove with spikes protruding from the knuckles.


Like every member of the Radan Rebellion Regiment, Hymir’s early life isn’t well documented. He is believed to be from the island of Rike, one of the least well developed areas in all of Iuris. It is a very dangerous region, where monsters roam with few adventurers around to stop them. The few barbarian tribes that live on the island are renowned for their skill in battle. Hymir is listed as a mercenary who fought against the Farris Rebels, having been part of the Priseil Red Guard Company, but there is very little on him after the end of the Farris Rebellion.


  • Hymir’s given name comes from the Nordic giant of legend. His last name comes from the World Serpent who is said to cause Thor’s demise at Ragnarok.
  • His appearance comes from the Barbarian class in Diablo III.

Hymir Jormungandr

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