A strange warrior within the Radan Rebellion Regiment.


Kamala stands at six feet, two inches in height. His skin is dark, the color of bronze, and his body is rather bony. He wears a headdress worn by chieftains of Tra Tan villages and towns. The weapon he carries is an odd kind of flail that has a head that can almost double as a war pick. In addition, he has a shield.


The past of Kamala is somewhat hazy. Kamala’s real name is unknown, but his armor is easily traceable back to Tra Tan, as it is garb often worn by the leaders of villages and small towns, many of which are clerics. His name is found in several issues of Wizards and Warriors Weekly, often having to do with combating the undead in either Toir Tuirc or Choroin. These all appear after the conclusion of the Farris Rebellion. It is unknown when or why he joined the Radan Rebellion Regiment.


  • His appearance is based off the Witch Doctor from Diablo III.
  • His name comes from WWE wrestler Kamala.


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