Kuriik of the Titan Spine Mountains

A fighter from the Red Eagle Adventurers' Guild.


Kuriik of the Titan Spine Mountains (sometimes called Kuriik Titan-Spine) is an Aarakocra. He is from the far north, claiming to be from the Atta region. His clan is from a mountain range known as the Titan’s Spine. Relative to other birds, he resembles a giant eagle. He’s very claustrophobic, and he only enters buildings when needed. For this reason, Cazador Araya often holds meetings with the Red Eagle on the rear deck of their headquarters.


Kuriik is rather secretive of his past. His reasons for leaving his clan have never been stated, and he deflects the subject whenever it comes up. Its suspected that it has something to do with a deal or pact made with Cazador Araya, but neither man speaks on the subject. Even his age isn’t known. Some think he’s around ten years old considering the Red Eagle guild, of which he’s a founding member, was started five years ago.

Kuriik of the Titan Spine Mountains

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