Magilou Lalatua

A sorceress from the Red Eagle Adventurers' Guild.


Magilou Lalatua, also known as the (self-proclaimed) Magilou the Great is a short half-Elf with pale blonde hair and striking green eyes. Her clothing ranges from ridiculous to unacceptable in public. She carries herself with dignity and commands authority, though she rarely receives it. Oddly, despite being the relative of a nobleman, she has no known birth records. When questioned of her age, she brushes off the question.


Magilou was born somewhere in the Toir Tuirc region; where exactly is unknown, and she seemingly has no intentions to reveal her birthplace. According to her, the more secrets she has about her, the more powerful her magic becomes. This has yet to be proven. Despite having no birth records, it has been proven through magic that she is a cousin of Andrew Archibald. She joined the Red Eagle adventuring group roughly six months ago, making her the newest member of the group. Part of why she was let in was due to her rather close relationship (some say too close) to her cousin Andrew.


  • Her appearance and parts of her character are based off of Magilou from Tales of Berseria. This is also where she gets her name.

Magilou Lalatua

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