An agent of the Stilletroppen.


Mithlyvia is a somewhat short tiefling with scarlet skin and eyes that resemble two orbs of polished obsidian. Her hair is the color of nightshade. The rich shade of her skin and the rare color of her hair have led some to believe that her cursed heritage links back to Fierna, Malcanthet, or Xinivrae. She wears somewhat revealing clothing when not in battle; during combat, she is clad in studded leather armor. Various small blades line her belt.


Early Life

Mithlyvia is perhaps the least documented member of the Stilletroppen. It is known she uses powers only a warlock could possible acquire, something she isn’t afraid to admit, but it is unknown who her patron is. She joined the Toir Tuirc Mercenaries just weeks before the company led the charge that ended the Farris Rebellion. When she joined, she had no identification papers and spoke very little Common; even now, her Common is broken and she speaks a language almost none can identify by ear.

Agent of the Stilletroppen

Mithlyvia is respected by her cohorts and feared by her subordinates. Very few are clued in to her missions; only Diatta and Aarseth are aware of the missions she takes on, and at times, Diatta leaves Aarseth in the dark. Although she is foolhardy and often overconfident, she makes up for it with a silver tongue and sharp mind.


  • She was supposed to be close to Lucretia at one point in the campaign, but this relationship was shifted to one between Arturia and Lucretia.
  • Her name is a shifted around version of a randomly generated Elfin name.


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