Od Axe-Catcher Vagoramoka

A barbarian from the Red Eagle Adventurers' Guild.


Od Axe-Catcher Vagoramoka is seven feet, eight inches tall. His exact weight is unkwown, and estimations vary wildly from 300 lbs. to 450 lbs. He carries a maul that is taller than most people. Most of his armor is made of leather, and the more dense parts are stone. Rarely does Od speak.


It isn’t known why Od “Axe-Catcher” Vagoramoka left his tribe from the mountains of Suong Mu, nor is it known why he has a sheer hatred of dragons, Dragonborn, and anything draconic. Why he helped create Red Eagle is unknown, nor is his past relation with leader Cazador Araya known very well to anyone except Cazador. It hasn’t ever been explained why Od tries to stay as far away from Akane as possible. Simply put, Od Axe-Catcher is secretive about his past, and it’s unlikely that he’ll ever speak much about it.

Od Axe-Catcher Vagoramoka

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