Olavi Quorthon

The leader of the Temple of Istus in Radan.


Olavi Quorthon is somewhat short, standing only five feet, four inches in height, and isn’t very well built for physical combat. He has crimson skin, dull yellow eyes, and horns protruding from the top of his head. The staff he carries is almost as tall as he is. His exact age is unknown, but he is believed to be in his mid-thirties. Like virtually every cleric of Istus, he is stoic and rather cynical. When not conducting his duties, he is a bit of an aloof recluse.


Early Life

Olavi was born in the Zilal region. His parents were cultists of Belial, one of the Nine Hells’ ruling archdevils. They were killed by a bounty hunter hired to eliminate them. He took Olavi, then seven, and brought him back to Farris, where he was left with a temple dedicated to the goddess of fate, Istus. Although he was rather distant, Olavi was a fast learner, and entered the clergy at a younger age than most. Clerics to Istus told him that they foresaw him as a leader.

Cleric of Istus

Olavi showed foresight comparable to that of a powerful divination wizard. He relocated to Radan and established the temple that remains there to this day. Although Istus does not have as many worshippers as other deities, Olavi visits many in the city, ranging from those who need advice on making large decisions or soldiers going out to battle.


  • His name was originally Ultier Hys and had no real origin.
  • His first name comes from Olavi Mikkonen, the guitarist for melodic death metal band Amon Amarth. His last name comes from Tomas “Quorthon” Forsberg, the guitarist, singer, and (at times) sole member of first wave Norweigian black metal band Bathory.

Olavi Quorthon

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