Serana Blackmore

The head of the Temple of Sehanine in Radan.


Serana Blackmore has deep red hair. Her leather armor matches her hair’s shade. She’s somewhat tall, standing five feet, eleven inches in height. When in Sehanine’s temple, she wears cerulean, violet, and black robes. In any rare instance when she must battle, she wields a pair of long kris-like daggers.


Early Life

Serana Blackmore was born to Baron Harold Blackmore in the Minan region thirty years ago. As the daughter of a nobleman, her upbringing was somewhat sheltered, with the first seven years of her life having taken place only in her manor. She rarely left until she turned sixteen. By that point, she had grown rebellious towards her father, she joined an adventuring group. However, during her first adventure, they ran into several drow, and her party left her for dead. The drow beat her into unconsciousness. A group of Sehanine’s clerics were in the area investigating deadly nightmares. They saved her before the drow could do more harm. As thanks, and because she didn’t want to face her father, she joined their clergy.

Cleric of Sehanine

As a cleric of Sehanine, Serana had many different duties. She helped with weddings, eased bad dreams, and prayed for travelers’ safe travel at night. Eventually, she joined the same band of clerics that helped her, one that uses their power to fight evil creatures. Serana was eventually moved to the temple in Radan, where she was made head after three years. Her magic talent and caring attitude helped push her up the ranks rather quickly.


  • Her first name comes from a Skyrim character from the Dawnguard DLC. Her last name is taken from Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore.

Serana Blackmore

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