Soren Holt

A necromancer who is part of the Radan Rebellion Regiment.


Although his hair is paler than fresh snow, his cheeks are gaunt, and his face is lined with marks, Soren Holt is only thirty-six years old. He is a gangly man with piercing blue eyes darkened by black circles. No armor covers his body, only a vest, black trousers, boots, and various jewelries made from bone. The most prominent is a necklace he wears. In place of an amulet, a skull hangs from the sinew rope, one that glows blue when he is idle and green when casting magic.


Oddly, despite birth records listing Soren as thirty-six years of age, his name appears as far back as the days before Iuris unified the eastern continent. The oldest mention of the name “Soren Holt” dates back almost six hundred years ago, and each description of a previous “Soren Holt” matches Soren almost exactly. Almost nothing is known about his past. Authorities consider him the most dangerous member of the Rebellion.


  • His last name is taken from Slayer guitarist Gary Holt. His first name might have come from the name Zorin, a German form of Soren, and taken from the Hellsing character Zorin Blitz.
  • His character is based off the Necromancer class from Diablo II.

Soren Holt

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