Theodore Padavona

Bishop of the Church of Rao in Radan.


Theodore Padavona has dark brown curly hair that goes just below his neck. He is slightly older than he looks, appearing almost in his fifties when he is in fact forty-four years old. In battle, he is clad in full plate armor, but he sticks to a simple tunic and trousers when in Rao’s temple. As a cleric of the god of peace, reason, and serenity, he is a very calm and gentle person, even when crushing the skulls of those who threaten peace in Radan.


Early Life

Theodore Padavona was born in the town of Hallis. His father was a priest who worshipped Rao and his mother was a blacksmith who forged the armor for war priests in the town. At a young age, he began studying Rao’s gospel. He finished his studied in Radan, where he went to further study Rao’s teachings and train in combat at the same time.

Cleric of Rao

Theodore became a full fledged cleric at the age of twenty. He took on the duty of traveling Iuris’ roads, bringing Rao’s light to those who needed serenity, and to deliver his word of peace to those who sought to disrupt it. Following his return to Radan ten years later, he successfully established multiple temples around the empire, while at the same time having racked up over three thousand victories in battle. He was made the bishop of the church in Radan, one of fifteen in the empire.


  • His first name comes from Theodore Roosevelt. His last name comes from the real life name of Ronnie James Dio.

Theodore Padavona

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