Abinad Diatta

The Commander of the Stilletroppen.


Abinad Diatta is a very tall and broad shouldered dragonborn with scales the color of the ocean. His eyes are like gold coins. Lightning spills from his jaws whenever he roars in battle. Plate armor fashioned of steel covers his body from head to toe, and in his hands he wields a bardiche axe. Although he isn’t the smartest man in the Stilletroppen, he isn’t considered a fool by those who follow him.


Early Life

Very little is known about Abinad’s early life. It is known that he worked as a mercenary for quite some time before creating his own sell-swords company called the Toir Tuirc Mercenaries (Toir Tuirc being the region where it was established). The Toir Tuirc Mercenaries led the charge in the last battle of the Farris Rebellion. For their actions, diversity, and skill, Emperor Carolus made them a specialized for named the Stilletroppen.

Commander of the Stilletroppen

Abinad serves as the Commander of the Stilletroppen, the highest rank in the entire group. He is based in Radan and officially holds the rank of Captain of the Stilletroppen in Galytir. His missions rarely require him to leave the city, although if the situation is dire enough, he is more than willing to make the journey wherever he is needed. Although the Stilletroppen is feared by many, Abinad is seen as a fun, outgoing man. Some consider him an idiot, but his accomplishments cannot be denied.


  • Abinad is somewhat based off of Kondo from Gintama. He’s also somewhat based off Pip Bernadotte from Hellsing.
  • His name was randomly generated on Donjon.

Abinad Diatta

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