Arel Anduingwiod

The head of a criminal gang in Radan.


Arel Anduingwiod is an elf who stands roughly five feet tall with a lithe physique and somewhat pale skin. The pallor tone of her skin lead some to believe she comes from up north. Her hair is white and her eyes are violet. She carries multiple weapons, including a rapier, daggers, and hand crossbows. During battle, she wears studded leather armor. Reports on her personality are mixed. Some describe as a quiet, aloof woman while others claim she is a boisterous, sadistic girl.


Early Life

Arel is very secretive about her early life. Some think she is from northern Hemlig due to her unusually white skin. She has kept her past a very close secret; even her age is unknown to those around her, although it’s believed she is in her mid-200’s. When she came to Radan is unknown. It is known that she formed the Radan Cartel around sixty years ago, and she has remained the leader ever since.

Radan Cartel

Arel founded the Radan Cartel alongside Gerald Patterson and Theli Banarv; both were dead within six years. Gerald was killed in a skirmish with guards and Theli was found drowned in the ocean, leaving Arel the sole leader of the Cartel. She has fought off many attempts to dethrone her as the boss of the syndicate. As the head of the organization, she outlaws killing during jobs since it creates too many problems, particularly with the Stilletroppen. Despite the cartel’s clean record for murder, they are still wanted for hijacking, burglary, robbery, and a slew of other crimes.


  • She is partially based off of Revy and Balalaika from Black Lagoon.
  • Her last name was originally “Audingwood” but was decidedly not Elfin enough.

Arel Anduingwiod

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