Arturia Deviluke

A pirate from the south who works for Rat Catchers.


Arturia Deviluke stands roughly five and a half feet tall and weighs around one hundred and twenty pounds. She has shoulder length wavy blonde hair, piercing pale green eyes, and fair skin. Her armor is leather and her weapons include a rapier, a pike, and a crossbow. Like Nico and Farrukh, her intelligence lays under the lower side of the average. Despite her dullness of mind, she makes up for it with sharp tongue, great agility, relatively good strength, a hearty endurance, and sensible mind. Deviluke is twenty four years old.


Early Life

Arturia was born in the Taifeng region of Hema Aina. Her mother worked in a bawdy house and her father was a frequent customer. Once she had the chance, Arturia’s mother forced Arturia’s father to take the infant, and he agreed to care for her on his ship, the Albatross’ Curse so she could become a pirate. As a result, her education suffered, but she became a skilled swashbuckler and learned how to operate ships and fish for food.

Departure From Hema Aina

When Arturia was 21, the Albatross’ Curse was attacked by a ship belonging to a rival pirate group, a vessel called Dagon’s Steed. She managed to get on a lifeboat to escape, but few others managed to get off the ship before it descended into the endless depths of the ocean. Her father did not escape. Over the next few weeks, she survived on raw turtle meat and blood. When her boat finally arrived on the shores of Galytir, she was very sick and approaching death. Fortunately for her, Nico Broden was in the area hiding out from Stilletroppen agents. He brought her to his office and helped heal her. In lieu of a payment, he had her work for six months without pay.

Rat Catchers Freelance

Long after her contract with Nico expired, Arturia remained with him and helped him create Rat Catchers Freelance Inc., along with Farrukh Umar. She works in missions that require sabotage, naval encounters, and scouting. Unlike Farrukh and Quorthon, she sleeps in the Rat Catchers headquarters, using an unused storeroom as her bedroom. Ultimately, she wants to track down Dagon’s Steed and avenge her father, but her lack of funds has prevented her from doing so.


  • Her given name comes from Saber from Fate/stay night, and her surname comes from Lala Deviluke from To-Love Ru.
  • Her personality is based off of Kagura from Gintama.
  • The name of her father’s ship comes from the poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The DM has never read this poem. He got the name from an Iron Maiden song based off and named after it.

Arturia Deviluke

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