Asuka Urai

The assassin of the Radan Rebellion Regiment.


Asuka Urai stands five feet, three inches in height and weighs one hundred and eighteen pounds. She keeps her jet black hair cut short. Her skin is tan. The weapons she carries includes a pair of enchanted daggers, a pair of shortswords, and caltrops. In addition, she often has a few vials of poison and several smoke bombs on hand whenever they’re needed. Although her age is unknown, it is believed she is in her mid-to-late thirties.


There is very little on record concerning Asuka Urai. Although she is from Bakudan, much of her fighting style resembles that practiced by the Black Sand Assassin Clan, which is based in Maghdith. She, along with Samael and Hymir, founded the Radan Rebellion Regiment.


  • Her name comes from professional wrestler Kanako Urai. The surname is directly taken from Kanako, and Asuka’s given name comes from Kanako’s ring name in NXT.
  • Her appearance is based off the Assassin class from Diablo II.

Asuka Urai

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