Cailin Pleascanna

A young and overly curious sorceress.


Cailin Pleascanna is a sixteen year old sorceress with dark-brown hair and red eyes (believed to be due to the influence of her Wild Magic). She wears a wide-brimmed hat, crimson cape, dress with seemingly pointless belt, and ankle-high boots. While she is often cheery and sociable, she becomes extremely erratic and very reckless when she begins practicing, casting, and (most dangerously) experimenting with magic.


Early Life

Cailin was born in a small village roughly one hundred miles east of Radan. Her mother was a cleric who occasionally had to deal with strange forces and monsters, and her father was a the sole Stilletroppen member stationed in the village. When Cailin was born, her father immediately noticed her unnatural link to magic due to her red eyes. As Cailin grew, she displayed flashes of talent with magic, believed to be caused by some sort of entity her mother came into contact with. Some of the spells she cast at random occasionally caused damage. To refine his daughter’s talent, Cailin’s father sent her to Radan to study under Leichenöffnung von Edelsteine, one of the very few in the city with a license to teach magic.

Magic Training

Cailin was one of five pupils taught by Leichenöffnung, the others being a gnome named Yorri, a dwarf named Ovkin, a half-elf named Sorris, and Leichenöffnung’s own daughter, Zauberin. Cailin showed proficiency best in evocation magic, though she was often reprimanded for her rather careless approach to spellcasting. Leichenöffnung was murdered less than two years into Cailin’s training. Rather than have her go home, Zauberin offered to help Cailin further in her training, as the two had grown close during their training. Cailin accepted, and now lives in the Edelsteine manor.


  • Her appearance and general character are based off Megumin from KonoSuba.
  • Her name in Irish translates to “Explosions Girl”.

Cailin Pleascanna

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