Carolus Palatinate

The Emperor of Iuris.


Emperor Carolus Palatinate stands over six feet tall and remains well built despite his middle age. He is known as a masterful fighter and a skilled tactician. His outfits are numerous; it is said he has one hundred capes, three hundred robes, seventy-five pairs of pants, sixty doublets, twenty belts, thirty shirts, forty pairs of boots, six crowns, one hundred necklaces, five hundred rings, eighty pairs of gloves, and five sets of ornamental armor. Although he is vain, he is in no ways a fool or an idiot.


Early Life

Emperor Carolus was born in Choroin, the only son of Emperor Haakon Palatine and one of his mistresses, Cassandra Bucalier. As he was the firstborn son of the emperor (and would turn out the be the emperor’s only son) he was pampered by his father and servants. Despite his austere upbringing, Carolus kept up with his studies and training. He was a prodigy of sword fighting, a tremendous cavalier, and brilliant scholar. When the time came to begin dealing with nobility, he learned their ways quickly. His future was promising.

Farris Rebellion

When the Farris Rebellion broke out, Carolus was 21 at the time and prepared to take up arms against the insurgents. Before he could enter battle, his father was killed in an early attack, effectively making him the Emperor of Iuris. His first action was amassing a massive army. He hired mercenaries from all around the empire, including former outlaws who he pardoned and paid well. After another seven months and three battles, he annihilated the rebels thanks to a traitor within their ranks. In one day, Carolus oversaw the execution of two thousand men, and personally killed one hundred of the rebels. The swiftness and brutality of the revolt’s end established Carolus as the undisputed and unchallenged ruler of the empire.

Emperor of Iuris

Carolus rules the empire with an iron fist. To curb any future attempts at a rebellion, Carolus’ first act was to write the Charter of Arcane Restriction, a manuscript that severely limited the practice of all magics in the empire. To practice magic without a permit results in ten years imprisonment without any exception; the cost of such a permit is five hundred gold pieces along with a fifty gold piece per month fee. In addition, spells from the divination, conjuration, evocation, transmutation, illusion, and necromancy schools may only be cast in the presence of an officer of the law. Weapons were similarly limited, though to a lesser extent. Any form of weaponry must have a permit, one which costs three hundred gold to purchase on top of a thirty gold per month fee. Additionally, ranged weaponry aside from shortbows are illegal, weapons that require two hands to wield are outlawed, and magic weapons are in no way allowed. Despite these and other limitations, Carolus has maintained order throughout the empire.


  • He is named after Charles XII of Sweden, also known as Carolus Rex, one of the great leaders of Sweden. His character is very loosely based off him as well. As for his surname, it comes from the Swedish House of Palatinate-Zweibrücken.

Carolus Palatinate

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