Eler Arahtar

The head of the Temple of Celestian in Radan.


Eler Arahtar is five feet, three inches tall and weighs just under one hundred and forty pounds. His blond hair is somewhat duller than most elves’ golden locks, and his skin is a bit darker than most high elves’ complexions. The symbol of Celestian is emblazoned upon Eler’s shield.


Early Life

Eler is a high elf born in Radan three hundred and thirty-five years ago. His father and mother were both wizards before the Charter was put into effect. He studied magic at a young age, but more of an interest in the stars. Rather than study spellbooks, he would go to the temple of Celestian and study more about the stars, moon, and other heavenly bodies in the night sky. Eventually, he made many friends within the clergy and joined with them.

Cleric of Celestian

As a cleric of Celestian, Eler spent most of his time devoted to studying old magic items created by Celestian’s worshipers. When the Charter of Arcane Restriction was put into place, his studies of such objects came to a halt due to the various licenses he would need to fill out. Two years after the Charter’s implementation, Eler took the place of Rohan Medellin as the head of Celestian’s temple in Radan. As the temple’s leader, he has started an initiative to search for the Mask of the Stargazer, an artifact said to have been made by one of Celestian’s first worshippers.


  • Eler’s name was randomly generated in Donjon.

Eler Arahtar

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