Farrukh Umar

A ranger from the west who works for Rat Catchers.


Farrukh Umar (pronounced fuhr-rook oo-marr) is a half-orc who nears six and a half feet in height and is just shy of two hundred and forty pounds. His skin is a dark tan color, not quite brown like his eyes, and his coarse hair is jet black. He wears traditional garb from Algharbi, although in battle he wears studded leather armor. His weapons include a scimitar, a dagger, a rarely used shield, and a number of alchemical grenades provided by Quorthon. Umar is thirty-two years old, almost middle aged for half-orcs.


Early Life

Farrukh was born in Alssafir, a village situated next to an oasis. Although this made life much easier for the people, it also made them a target for monsters that came to the pool to drink. Therefore, every man, woman, and older children were required to learn how to battle; those who didn’t were exiled. By the age of five, Farrukh held his first sword, and by the age of nine, he fought his first battle.

Leaving Home

When Farrukh turned 25, he found a suspicious man casting a spell above the oasis near Alssafir. He confronted the man and was attacked. Although he was defeated in the ensuing struggle, he managed to survive and awoke by the now dried oasis. Farrukh swore to track down the man and bring water back to the oasis his hometown thrived upon, and he began his journey east. The unfamiliar land of Galytir left him wasting supplies in his aimless wandering. Eventually, he ran out of supplies and decided to try banditry to keep himself alive. His first victim was Nico Broden, who swiftly defeated Farrukh. After hearing Farrukh’s plight, he offered Farrukh a job at Rat Catchers. In exchange for employment, he didn’t report Farrukh and offered to help find the man Farrukh was after.

Rat Catchers Freelance

Farrukh continues his search for the man who desecrated the oasis of Alssafir. At the same time, he acts as Rat Catchers’s muscle, often doing brute work when its asked of them. Despite not being particularly brilliant (his intelligence is, in fact, below average) and a bit of a fool, he probably has the best reputation of the Rat Catchers. In addition to brute work and heavy lifting, he also helps with animals.


  • He is named after Ron Simmons’s ring name in WWE, Farooq. As such, it is pronounced “fuh-rook”. His surname was chosen due to sounding something “deserty”.

Farrukh Umar

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