Ferdiad Chulainn

Resident druid of the Radan Rebellion Regiment.


Ferdiad Chulainn is a hair short of six feet tall, although he weighs substantially more than most his height due to the amount of muscle on his body. His hair is the color of autumn leaves. He wears multiple furs and leathers as protection, most of which come from bears. A stone spear acts as his only weapon, though his bestial forms and companions perhaps serve better in battle.


Ferdiad is believed to be from Baintreach, though it is only a guess based on a medallion he sometimes wears; it is one fashioned by a prominent jeweler in the region, and how he received it is unknown. He is listed as a insurgent who took part in a small revolt in Choroin, but he escaped capture. There are no records on him after that.


  • He is based off of Irish folk hero Cu Chulainn. His surname obviously comes from Cu, and his given name comes from a character in the Cu Chulainn’s legend.
  • His appearance is based off the Druid class from Diablo II.

Ferdiad Chulainn

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