Francis Halford

Head of the Church of Pelor in Radan.


Francis Halford is roughly five feet, eight inches tall. Although he is trained in combat, he doesn’t often fight or maintain his strength. His brown hair is neck-length and wavy. A thick but short beard covers his jaw. He wears robes when at Pelor’s church in Radan, and trades them out for chainmail when entering battle. The weapon he carries is a mace.


Early Life

Halford was born to farmers who lived outside the walls of Radan. As such, monsters were a constant threat. It wasn’t until he was six that he first encountered a monster: a shambling mound that made its way to his parents’ farm. His mother was killed and his father lost his leg in the ensuing battle. Unable to continue his farm work, he hanged himself several months later when funds dried up. After his father’s death, Halford took it upon himself to see if one of the clergies needed help so that he could find a place to sleep. The church of Pelor was in need of a caretaker, and Halford was accepted into their fold.

Cleric of Pelor

At the age of fourteen, Halford began the proper steps in becoming a cleric. He was made a full fledged priest eight years later. His time was mostly devoted to helping those in need, as he knew of the struggles many went through. Despite the fact he wasn’t an exceptional combatant and rarely left Radan’s walls, he used his natural charisma and wisdom to help people suffering in the streets. At the age of thirty-three, he was made the head of the Church of Pelor in Radan.


  • His last name comes from Judas Priest’s vocalist Rob Halford.

Francis Halford

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