Gulgrin Haftstonthet

A woefully incompetent monster hunter.


Gulgrin Haftstonthet is four-foot-four and rather heavy. His beard and hair are as black as obsidian, and his skin is a tannish-ruddy shade. He wears lavish blue and wine colored clothing outside of battle. During combat, he wears chainmail and sports a variety of weapons: a hammer, a two handed axe, a crossbow, and various alchemical potions, poisons, and explosives. Both of his arms are laden with scars. Although his exact age is unknown, he is believed to be in the mid-200s.


Early Life

Gulgrin was born in the Cacali Mesa in northern Zamarrid. His mother mined gems and his father was a stoneworker. They weren’t particularly well off, but Gulgrin managed to make money by hunting animals in the desert and selling their hides, meat, bones, and organs for various purposes, ranging from leather working (hides) to alchemical experiments (organs). His skill in hunting these beasts led him on his quest to become Iuris’ most notorious monster hunter. However, unlike the jackals, snakes, and buzzards of the deserts, he found himself fighting far more dangerous beasts.

Monster Hunter

Gulgrin spent the next two hundred years or so battling monsters all throughout Iuris. Be it the high peaks of Hemlig’s coldest mountains, the deepest jungles of Hema Aina, the scorching deserts of Algharbi, or the thick dark forests of Galytir, Gulgrin would fight any monster that people asked. However, even if he’d always fight, he’d not always win. Despite being well armed and equipped, Gulgrin is impatient and clumsy, rarely thinking outside the box. Despite this, he has slain many beasts. Those in guilds that battle monsters know his name, though that is because many of them having running bets on whether or not he’ll be slain during his next job.


  • His name was thought up while the Dungeon Master was reading about a pharaoh and listening to Iron Maiden songs.
  • He was originally meant to be a one-off character, but the decision was made to add him into the ever-growing cast.

Gulgrin Haftstonthet

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