Jade Lynch

The Radan Rebellion Regiment's expert on monsters.


Jade Lynch stands five and a half feet tall. She wears a red hood that masks her face; nobody in Radan knows what her face truly looks like, even those in the Radan Rebellion Regiment. Her armor consists of a mix of leather on her upper body and steel protecting her legs. The arsenal she wields is a mix of daggers, clubs, and her preferred weapons: a pair of hand crossbows.


Jade Lynch is perhaps the least well documented member of the Radan Rebellion Regiment. The family name “Lynch” is found in Mhaghdeann, but her accent is closer to that of somebody from Trucir. Her hand-to-hand fighting style resembles that of an order of monks from Akumashima, but her fighting style with knives is closer to the double-sword training provided by the Desert Lions in Aleqiq, and her weapons appear to be from Atta despite the Rhithan spymaster style of her armor.


  • Her appearance is based off of the Demon Hunter class from Diablo III.

Jade Lynch

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