Kana Ryogi

A monk who joined the Radan Rebellion Regiment out of principle.


Kana Ryougi is a short woman, barely above feet feet tall, and she’s rather lightweight. Although she is young, she has white hair, which she attributes to magic she absorbed during several of her trials. She wears no armor aside from leather shoulder pads, which even then are mostly to cushion any falls or rolls. The clothes she wears is the garb of the Stone Heart Monastery in Juukonzoku.


Kana is the most well documented member of the Radan Rebellion Regiment, though records on her aren’t extensive. She was born twenty seven years ago in the Suong Mu region, but her parents were poor farmers who gave her to a traveling monk from the Stone Heart Monastery. The monks there taught her combat and the Way of the Open Fist. It is unknown when she left the monastery, though it is presumed she left due to her dissent against the empire’s law and wanted to join the then-new Radan Rebellion Regiment. As she only joined three months ago, she is their newest member.


  • Her last name is taken from Shiki Ryogi (also spelt Ryougi) from Kara no Kyoukai. Her first name comes from the title character of a visual novel called Kana Little Sister. The Dungeon Master learned of this game through 4chan. Don’t play it.
  • Her appearance and character is based off the Monk class from Diablo III.

Kana Ryogi

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