Lalatina Ford

The Radan Rebellion Regiment's dedicated archer.


Lalatina Ford is tall compared to most human women, standing six feet tall. She has very long blond hair, almost waist length, but she keeps it in a ponytail so that it doesn’t get in the way when she’s fighting. Her armor consists of a red breast plate and leather that covers her extremities. In battle, her main weapon is a bow, but she carries a spear and knife in case enemies get too close.


Lalatina was born on the island of Glaodh Chogaidh, according to military records. She was a hunter who eventually joined the guards. Her career as a guard was rather short, lasting only seven months, but she helped capture many criminals. It is believed she left due to her disagreements with the way the guard treated prisoners and suspects. There are almost no records of her after she left the guards, aside from one that lists her as a suspect in the death of Count Rohan of Blackwood.


  • Her name comes from Lalatina Dustiness Ford, the real name of Darkness from KonoSuba.
  • Her appearance and character come from the Amazon class in Diablo II.

Lalatina Ford

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