Lucretia Bathory

A sorcerer who seeks to end the Charter of Arcane Restriction.


Lucretia Bathory stands five feet, two inches in height. Her long black hair is kept in a somewhat high ponytail, keeping it from getting in her brown eyes or plastering onto her fair, almost pale, skin. She wears no actual armor; the leather doublet she wears doesn’t offer the same protection as boiled or hardened leather would provide.


Lucretia’s last name has led most to believe that she is from a southern region in Priseil, one close to the border of Maghdith. She is the daughter of a man who taught magic privately, but he was killed by guards after resisting arrest. The only mention of her name after his death is an arrest warrant for theft. It is unclear when she arrived in Radan, but most estimate that she arrived when she was nineteen or twenty years old (several years after her father’s death and a year after the arrest warrant was issued).


  • Lucretia’s name is birthed from thrash metal and black metal. Despite her given and surname having two far more famous origins, the idea for her name came from the Dungeon Master’s metal playlist. Lucretia is the name of a Megadeth song, and it is about a witch. Bathory is named after the Norwegian black metal band Bathory. Of course, most other people know the name Lucretia from the Roman woman who committed suicide after being raped by a nobleman (which started a riot), and the name Bathory is far more well known from Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian noblewoman who allegedly bathed in virgin blood.
  • Her appearance comes from the Wizard class in Diablo III.
  • Her initial character was based off of Rin Tohsaka of Fate/stay night. However, with the creation of Zauberin, her personality was shifted quite a bit.
  • Early ideas for her was to make her a necromancer, but Soren Holt was given this mantle instead.

Lucretia Bathory

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