Mutuubta Bila

The court wizard to Emperor Carolus.


Mutuubta Bila stands six feet, four inches tall, and he weighs around two hundred and twenty pounds. His skin is a orange-reddish color, close to that of the red dragon heritage he proudly touts. He has crimson eyes. A red cloak drifts behind him, flowing just above his knees when he walks. Although he has the potential to be a sorcerer, Mutuubta uses magic gained through making infernal pacts.


Early Life

Mutuubta is from Aleaqiq, born there fifty-two years ago. His father, a powerful sorcerer, was a relative of then-Emperor Äldre Palatinate’s court wizard. When said court wizard died, Mutuubta’s father was called upon by Emperor Äldre to serve as the new court wizard (a title Mutuubta’s father never truly embraced since he was a sorcerer). Emperor Äldre passed away from old age ten years later, and Mutuubta’s father died not long after in a blizzard. Thus, at the age of seventeen, Mutuubta became the court wizard to Emperor Haakon.

Farris Rebellion and Court Wizard to Emperor Carolus

Mutuubta was noted for his magic’s source: a pact with an extraplanar being. He disclosed the exact source of his power only to Emperor Haakon, who accepted Mutuubta as court wizard regardless of his powers as a warlock. During the Farris Rebellion, Mutuubta spent most of his time back in Choroin, using his magic to help indirectly. Following the rebellion, he remained Emperor Carolus’s court wizard. Mutuubta is considered Carolus’s most trusted companion, even more so than Sorrow or the Empress. This is due to Mutuubta’s tenure during Haakon’s reign. Mutuubta has also taught Carolus some magic.


  • His name was randomly generated on Donjon.

Mutuubta Bila

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