Nico Broden

The head of Rat Catchers Freelance Inc.


Nico Broden is the thirty-eight year old head (and sole member) of Rat Catchers Freelance, inc. He wears steel plate armor and wields a sword that is slightly longer than the average longsword. His jet black hair is often messy, greasy, and unkempt. He views the world through dull brown eyes beneath bushy black eyebrows.


Early Life

Nico Broden was born in the town of Ceannairc, a settlement in the region of Farris. His father was a guardsman and his mother worked as a fletcher. Broden had no proper education. The one time he attended school, he was sent home for misbehavior and never returned. Instead, he earned money as a farmer until he was old enough to join the guards.

Farris Rebellion

Nico’s father joined the Farris Rebellion as it began picking up steam, and Nico followed in his father’s footsteps much to his mother’s chagrin. He was a part of the army that killed Emperor Haakon, although he acted as a scout rather than a soldier. When Emperor Carolus crushed the rebellion, Nico managed to get spared due to roles in battles being that of a noncombatant. His father did not receive the same treatment, and he was executed by hanging. Afterwards, Nico didn’t return home, and instead moved to Radan. Using what money he had, he founded an adventurer’s guild called Rat Catchers Freelance.

Rat Catchers Freelance

Rat Catchers has managed to become one of the most successful adventurer’s guilds in all of Iuris; that is, it didn’t lose all of its money in less than a half year. Due to the restrictions on magic and the expensive permits required for weapons, most guilds last for a very short while. Nico, by and large, works alone.


  • His surname comes from Steve Borden, better known as professional wrestler Sting.
  • His character is based off of Gintoki Sakata from Gintama.
  • Initially, his character appeared much younger and carried a halberd.

Nico Broden

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