Olavi Quorthon

A wizard from the north who works for Rat Catchers.


Olavi Quarthon is a thirty-six year old half-elf who stands five feet, seven inches in height with a slim build without much show of physical activity. He has dark brown hair that seems to glow a golden hue when hit directly by sunlight. His dark robes are made of silk. Despite his physical weaknesses, he is a very smart man, at points to a fault. While his researching skills are top notch, his people skills are not.


Early Life

Olavi Quorthon was born in the Kedjad region in the Hemlig territory. His hometown, Krokimun, was once a city well known for its scholars on all forms of magic, and it was considered one of the “Big Four” cities of Hemlig. However, when Emperor Carolus issued the Charter of Arcane Restriction, Krokimun and the other Big Four quickly declined. Despite the heavy restrictions placed on magic due to the charter, Olavi began studying wizardry.


When Olavi was twenty-three, he ran short on funds. He journeyed south to Galytir with the intent on convincing the emperor on overturning the Charter. Instead, his requests to meet with the emperor were met with jeers and mockery. His repeated failures eventually resulted in his loss of temper, leading to an incident where Olavi threatened Baron von Baron, a cousin of Emperor Carolus. Olavi fled capture. Baron von Baron hired Nico to find Olavi as help in a search for him. Nico found him hiding out in a forest and heard his story. Rather than turn him in, Nico offered Olavi a place at Rat Catchers where he could avoid Baron von Baron and work to undo the Charter in a more effective manner.

Rat Catchers Freelance

Olavi is the brain of Rat Catchers. He is the only one who ever hands a job that requires any deal of intelligence and a measure of common sense. Although he is next to worthless in physical jobs and does poorly when dealing with other people, he is a tremendous researcher and one of the finest mages in a magically restricted empire. In addition, he is perhaps the only man in all of Iuris who knows how to make magic items.


  • His first name comes from Olavi Mikkonen, guitarist for Swedish melodic death metal band Amon Amarth. His last name comes from Tomas “Ace” Forsberg, also known as Quorthon. He was the guitarist, singer, and at times sole member of Norwegian black metal band Bathory.

Olavi Quorthon

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