Orianthi Crowe

Archpriestess of Wee Jas in Radan's temple.


Orianthi Crowe has dark jet hair, odd yellowish eyes, and skin the color of the moon. She appears no older than a woman in her mid-20’s, though her exact age is unknown since her birth records aren’t available. Even when not tending to Wee Jas’ temple, Orianthi wears black, grey, and scarlet clothing, the colors of the Goddess of Death. Her left pinkie bears a gold ring with a ruby skull.


Early Life

Orianthi claims to be from Mhaighdeann, but there are no records there that show her name. She also claims to be twenty-seven, but her name shows up in census records in Baintreach, records that date back over three hundred years. This has led to some suspicion to her true identity, and fewer that she is indeed three hundred years old. In addition, she rarely speaks of her past. Regardless, she arrived in Radan when she was eighteen. The temple of Wee Jas in Radan had undergone repairs several months prior due to an incident with a mage, and Orianthi was sent to the temple to act as one of its priests.

Cleric of Wee Jas

Orianthi’s duties largely consisted of conducting funerals and embalming the dead, though she also went out to deal with the undead whenever such a situation arose. She was the only cleric in the temple to regularly fight the undead, though she was usually the only one needed. After five years, she was made the Archpriestess of the temple. After being made the temple’s leader, Orianthi spent more time doing research on artifacts and historical sites around Radan. Her reason was because she believed there was a cult of Nerull that was raising the dead in these areas, and that she feared there may be a chance that they raise a powerful warrior or mage by mistake.


  • Her first name comes from guitarist Orianthi, who once played in Alice Cooper’s band. Her last name (and appearance) comes from Velvet Crowe, the main character from Tales of Berseria.

Orianthi Crowe

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