Paetor Rhineheart

Leader of the Church of Pholtus in Radan.


Paetor Rhineheart is six feet, three inches tall. He has light brown hair that drapes over his shoulders. When in the church of Pholtus, he wears light colored robes. His armor consists of a steel breast plate and a great deal of hardened leather. Most who encounter him say he is a pleasant, soft spoken man.


Early Life

Paetor Rhineheart was born thirty-six years ago under the name Peter Rostov in the region of Skydda. His father was a traveling merchant while his mother was one of the hunters in a tribe who lived on the eastern coast. The two left Skydda together with Peter and relocated to Valnad. When Peter was three, his father became involved in the black market. He sent Peter and his mother away when he learned that a halfling assassination group was after him. Before leaving, Peter’s mother was given a horse and eight hundred gold pieces. She made it to Toir Tuirc and decided to settle in Radan. While registering her and Peter’s name, she changed their names so the assassins after Peter’s father couldn’t find them. Thus, Peter Rostov was renamed Paetor Rhineheart.

Cleric of Pholtus

Paetor’s mother joined the clergy of Pholtus in exchange for housing. Nine years old at the time, Paetor started training to become a war priest. He excelled in combat. When he turned eighteen, he joined a special group that was tasked with wiping out undead. Whenever possible, he helped those on the road when they went out to fight zombies, skeletons, and the like. Paetor’s work led to him becoming the leader of the Church of Pholtus when he turned thirty.


  • He was initially a character taken from a different campaign. The character was changed quite differently, but kept the name Rhineheart.

Paetor Rhineheart

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