Rei Tatsumaki

The heiress to the Tatsumaki clan of monster hunters.


Rei Tatsumaki is rather short and lightweight. She tends to wear long robes in and out of combat, adding leather armor when she heads into battle. Her eyes are an unusually dark grey color at most times, though they flare to a striking mix of icy blue and bright fuchsia when activating the Tatsumaki clan’s inherited power. The scabbard that carries her sword is carried in one hand via a red sash. Birth records determine her age to be 26.

Rei is seen as aloof by many within the clan. When not training, she keeps to herself. Despite this she can speak at length when holding conversations. Still, she is not seen as being an ideal leader by a sizable amount of the clan, though not so many that her uncle has considered making somebody else his heir. Even if he did consider, tradition holds that only those who inherit the clan’s inherited ability.


Early Life

Rei Tatsumaki is the daughter of Aka Tatsumaki and Ao Tatsumaki (nee Otsuma). Her uncle, Niji, is the leader of the Tatsumaki clan, an order of monster hunters who virtually own the island of Juukinzoku. Early on in life, she trained with the Midori sect of hunters, killers specialized to battle aberrants. During her training, it was discovered that she had inherited a rare power that only members of the original Tatsumaki bloodline can attain. She was deemed the heiress of the clan by her uncle, who had the same power as Rei.

Heiress to the Tatsumaki

In becoming the heiress to the Tatsumaki clan, Rei took on additional training to hone her awakened power. This did not slow her standard training. Though she is physically weak, she is good at missions which require a degree of stealth. Given that her fighting style is tuned to work best against aberrants, she has a strong degree of willpower and mental resistance. Her quests often take her to the Underdark.


  • Her name translates from Japanese to “soul tornado”. She is named after the Megadeth song Tornado of Souls (which, translated roughly, would be “Tatsumaki no Rei” in Japanese).
  • She is based off of Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners.
  • The island she was born on translates from Japanese to English as “heavy metal”.
  • Her parents’ names are colors in Japanese – Aka is red, Ao is blue. Ao’s maiden name means “wife”. In addition, her uncle’s name is Japanese for “rainbow”.

Rei Tatsumaki

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