Richard Mustaine

The Captain of the Stilletroppen in Galytir.


Richard Mustaine is a wiry, somewhat tall man with long red hair and a perpetual scowl. He carries a rapier at his side, although he’s more often seen carrying a lute from which he can cast spells. Even outside of combat, he tends to wear his leather armor. Mustaine is seen by many as a crazy man, and by others as an utter lunatic. His work in the Stilletroppen often leads to brutal outcomes, and outside of his work he often rants against clergies, believing they are trying to get political power by working around the Charter of Arcane Restriction.


Early Life

Like most members of the Stilletroppen, little is known of Richard’s early life. He was born in the Jinshu region of Hema Aina, one of the regions which borders Galytir. At some point in his life, he began dabbling in magic and combined it with his interest in music to become a bard. The exact date of when he joined the Toir Tuirc is unclear, although it is believed he was one of the early recruits.

Captain of the Stilletroppen in Galytir

After the end of the Farris Rebellion, Mustaine was made the Captain of the Stilletroppen in Galytir, making him the second highest rank official in the territory and one of four captains in all of Iuris. He is the only bard in the Stilletroppen. Although he is seen as a harsh leader, he is considered to be one of the best in the organization, and perhaps the most effective.


  • He is named after two guitarists. One is Ritchie Blackmore (of Rainbow and Deep Purple fame), and the other is Dave Mustaine (of Metallica and Megadeth fame). His appearance is also close to that of Mustaine.
  • Parts of his personality is based off of Dave Mustaine’s real life personality, though more of it is taken from Hijikata from Gintama.

Richard Mustaine

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