Roland Redfang

The bishop of the Cult of St. Cuthbert in Radan.


Roland Redfang is a fifty-two year old human male with thinning brown hair and a thick mustache. He isn’t particularly tall or short. Whether he is in the temple or out in town, Roland is often seen wearing his robes, and most of the time there will be a piece of armor below it. Due to injuries and aging, he walks with a cane. It’s no secret that the cane doubles as a scabbard for a sword.


Early Life

Roland Redfang was born in the region of Farris. His mother was the victim of rape by a bandit by the name of Maurice the Red Fang. He was put up for adoption almost immediately after his birth. During the chaos of the Farris Rebellin, Roland took the opportunity to track down his father, already an old man at this point, and kill him; his mother was dead by this time. In his act of revenge, Roland accidentally started a fire that nearly wiped out the village of Raes. The church of St. Cuthbert tracked him down. Rather than send him to the pillory or prison, they offered him a place in their order, considering how he tracked down a man who had eluded capture for forty years.

Cleric of St. Cuthbert

Due to his previous training, Roland showed great talent as a war priest. His skill with magic was somewhat lacking, but he made up for it in his martial prowess. Roland showed a penchant for leadership. He eventually was elected as the bishop of the church when it was time to elect a new official (once every five years). Currently, he is in the middle of his second tenure.


  • He is named after the main character of the Dark Tower series.

Roland Redfang

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