Samael Ellefson

The Radan Rebellion Regiment's healer.


Samael Ellefson stands six feet, three inches tall and weighs a little over two hundred pounds without his equipment. His gear includes a suit of heavy plate armor, a giant shield, and a bastard sword. He has dark skin and no hair (his eyebrows indicate his hair was black). The symbol of Kord is emblazoned upon his breastplate and shield.


Although members of clergies, monasteries, and knightly orders have their names recorded in the Empire of Iuris, none have the name “Samael Ellefson” in their logs. Whether this is to Samael Ellefson being an assumed name is debated, as some think that he was trained outside one of these places. Samael is known to be a cleric of Pelor. He heals the members of the Radan Rebellion Regiment when they return injured, though he is an excellent warrior in his own right. Not much else about him is known beyond that.


  • His appearance is based off the Paladin class from Diablo II.
  • His last name is taken from Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson.

Samael Ellefson

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