The emperor's second-in-command.


“Sorrow” (whose real name is unknown to all but Emperor Carolus and Mutuubta) is six feet, two inches tall, and weighs much more than the average Tiefling. He is rather agile despite his musculature. Metal bands wrap around his arms and the lower horns on his face. His skin is a pale-red color. Sorrow’s weapons are varied, but his favorites include the maul and bardiche greataxe. He is forty-six years old.


Early Life

“Sorrow” was born in the Tra Tan region. His birth name is unknown to all but two people, and why he took on the name Sorrow isn’t officially known. He spent much of his time in Tra Tan training to become a paladin of Kord. It was during this time that he grew very strong, mastered several weapons, and gained a reputation for being somewhat overly competitive. He left after ten years with the clergy, leaving for unknown reasons, and sailed to Choroin. There, he joined Emperor Haakon’s army as an officer.

Captain of the Black Brigade

Sorrow was put in charge of the Seventeenth Drake Cavalry, one of twenty dragoon regiments that rode drakes. When the Farris Rebellion broke out, Sorrow was one of the first to head into the region after Emperor Haakon was slain. His unit gained a reputation of cruelty due to Sorrow’s tactics, which included torture to gain information, execution of captured soldiers, running down fleeing soldiers, and feeding his unit’s mounts with the flesh of slain rebels. This earned his regiment the nickname of “The Black Brigade”. Following the end of the Rebellion, it was found that none of the Black Brigade were killed, wounded, or missing. Sorrow’s knack for conducting battles as he saw fit led to him becoming Emperor Carolus’s second in command, the leader of his armies.

General of the Emperor’s Legion

Sorrow is one considered to be one of the most powerful people in all of Iuris. The only person with authority over him is the Emperor. Carolus’s three children, Abinad Diatta, and the three most powerful nobles in Iuris are the only ones who come close to equalling his political power. As general of the Emperor’s Legion, he is the leader of 25,000 soldiers, the single largest army in the empire. This army consists of warriors, spellcasters, saboteurs, monsters, and extraplanar beings.


  • Sorrow’s name is as such because the DM was listening to the Slayer song Black Magic at the time of Sorrow’s creation. In that song, there’s a line which goes “laughing in sorrow, crying in lust”.
  • The idea behind him was to create a character based off of Berserker from Fate/stay night.


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