Valgrog the Elder

The head of the Cult of Kord in Radan.


Valgrog Korsis the Elder is six feet, eight inches tall. Due to his advanced age (for a half-orc, at least) he has lost most of his strength and muscle mass, though he is far stronger and heavier than most men from other races. He paints his face with a skull-like design. The clothes he wears when not in battle invokes the heritage of the tribe where he was born, though he wears proper armor in battle.


Early Life

Valgrog’s father was a member of one of several dozen barbarian tribes who live outside society’s boundaries, but they still swear fealty to the emperor. His mother was an orc woman captured by the Whitehawk tribe. When members of the Whitehawk tribe ambushed a caravan of traders on the road due to dwindling supplies, several paladins and clerics who worshipped Kord were sent to exact justice. They found Valgrog in a hut and took him in along with the other children of the tribe. These children became worshippers of Kord, and formed a fellowship.

Paladin of Kord

Valgrog, being the only half-orc child from the Whitehawk tribe, had a natural strength that made him a tremendous warrior and unmatched athlete within the clergy. He was made the leader of Kord’s cult in Radan and was put in charge of running the temple. Every three months, he holds tournaments and contests. At the same time, he and the other followers of Kord make weekly forays into the wilderness to test their strength against monsters and bandits, though his involvement has somewhat waned due to his age. One of the other warriors who serves Kord, a half-elf woman by the name of Esethyl, married Valgrog and bore his son, Valgrog the Younger.


  • Valgrog’s name was thought up at random.

Valgrog the Elder

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