Valver Albold

The Mayor of Radan.


Valver Albold is three feet, three inches in height. His dark blond hair appears light brown to some. He has thick sideburns that run down the side of his face, though his lip and chin are clean shaven. Although modest, his clothes are respectable. When sober, he is seen as a great leader with a sharp mind; however, he is rarely sober.


Early Life

Valver often claims he was born in a log cabin. Records show he was actually born in a nomadic halfling camp. Beyond that, his life isn’t well known, though he claims there is very little excitement to be found in his past. His caravan was attacked by hill giants, and most of his clan was wiped out in the struggle. He escaped to the town of Telbon, claiming that he managed to slay one giant before he was forced to retreat. It was later revealed that he was the first of his caravan to flee.

Mayor of Radan

Valver managed to stay afloat as a traveling merchant before settling down in the port town of Radan. He became the manager of several stores in the area, including the Fisherman’s Warehouse, multiple taverns, and a haberdashery. His knack for leadership led him to be chosen as the Mayor of Radan when the position opened. Upon becoming mayor, he developed a heavy drinking problem that somewhat affected his way of running things. Despite his alcoholism, he remains the mayor of Radan, possibly because he’s still the best option available.


  • It is unknown (namely, not remembered) if his name was randomly generated somewhere, or if Valver’s name was thought up at random by the Dungeon Master.

Valver Albold

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