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    h3. *A Nation Under An Iron Grip* The Empire of Iuris has entered its twentieth year under the rule of Carolus Palatinate, whose Draconian laws and devious behavior have led to a realm of fear and restlessness. Rebels work against him. Harsh guards and …

  • Black Moon

    The moon has turned black and the party needs to find a way to turn it back. It is causing the dead to rise, crops to die, and water to turn sickening. Turns out, those are all the results of Soren's experiments gone wrong. As for the moon being black, …

  • Woman of Dark Desires

    A woman by the name of Ilona Tepes has been suspected of capturing young village girls and bringing them to her tower for sacrifice. Rat Catchers has been hired to rescue them. Ilona will fight back with undead, only to have it shown she was protecting …

  • Born For Burning

    A group of Treants has staged a sit-in protest in a village due to their excessive burning of the forest. The villagers say it's due to the weekly goblin attacks, dangerous animals that attack them, and seemingly dangerous plants. The party is tasked with …

  • Nine Lives

    A criminal set for execution has died for the eighth time - and for the eighth time, his corpse has disappeared. The party is set with finding him, capturing him, and finding out how he was able to fake death so many times. He'll explain that he had a …

  • Fish Or Men

    Fishermen have been attacked, but the reports as to what have been attacking them are... conflicting. One man reports that he was attacked by a Merrow, another claims that a Hobgoblin pirate band attacked him and his friends, and a third says he was …

  • Chemical Warfare

    An alchemist has been using his concoctions to rob people on the road. The party has to stop him, but he has retreated to his lair. They will have to brave through his chemical traps to reach him.

  • Jump in the Fire

    A fire has erupted nearby a village. It oddly hasn't spread despite appearing nearby a farm. The flames show no sign of growth or reduction, and they have been burning for a week. Several people have ventured into the flames, which are not very hot at all …

  • Endgame

    The final quest. Soren Holt seeks to reclaim his throne that was absorbed into the Empire of Iuris, and he has become a servant to Nerull to gain the power he needs. Carolus Palatinate recognizes the danger of his position being overthrown, and he has …

  • Five Magics

    The Stilletroppen are stretched thin with another small revolt in a nearby village, but to make matters worse, strange monsters have been appearing in the countryside. Abinad asks the party to look into it. The monsters will be aberrants, elementals, …

  • Reversal of Fortune (Wotan's Personal Quest)

    Wotan has discovered the source of his bad luck: an elven warlock whom he expelled from the forest for summoning less than pleasant beings. He wants the party to help him track down this warlock.

  • Gods Save the Queen (Eleanor's Personal Quest)

    Eleanor has developed a severe phobia of death after realizing just how long the undead who serve her have been alive, doing a whole lot of nothing, and her constant pondering on if they're aware of their state, where their spirits are, and if they hold …

  • From Father to Son (Valver's Personal Quest)

    Valver has a treasure map that leads to a great spellcaster's treasure trove in the jungles. It is a wealth his father sought, as did his father before him. However, he knows he is no adventurer, and that run-of-the-mill adventurers won't do. He hires Rat …

  • The Black Queen

    The party is sent on a rather easy quest and is given a map as a reward. Nico is initially furious, but he soon realizes where the map leads to: the tomb of Eleanor Plantagenet, the former Queen of Ramnulfid. They go there to find treasure, but things …

  • Sand Storm (Farrukh's Personal Quest)

    Farrukh has found the wizard responsible for destroying his hometown's oasis. He needs to track down the man and restore the oasis back to the way it was before so he can help the struggling village.

  • One Fight Stand

    On April 15 (the day when lovers and couples and whatnot celebrate love), Lucretia Bathory asks the party to deliver a message to Arturia. She'll then ask the party to watch out and make sure nothing goes wrong, as the Cartel is likely to try something …

  • Baron's Land

    Baron von Baron's land has been infested by giant animals that are tearing up his land, and he needs the party to put a stop to it.

  • Ice Titan

    There is an abnormally large giant whose footsteps cause the land to freeze wherever he walks. The party is called to stop him.

  • Raining Blood

    It is quite literally raining blood over Radan, and the Valver hires the party to put a stop to it.

  • Fire in the Sky

    Meteorites appear over Radan and begin crashing around the area, and the party is hired to stop it (Bathory accidentally activated an old magical summoning circle akin to Stonehenge that caused the incident).

  • Fatal Illusion

    An illusionist practicing magic illegally accidentally conjures an illusionary being that is strong enough to kill. He's done away with the ritual that summoned it, but the illusion is still wandering the land.

  • Disciple

    Somebody has been vandalizing the temple of St. Cuthbert. Roland Redfang hires the party to keep watch to see who is doing it.

  • Devil's Island

    A message in a bottle arrives ashore, coming from a man "trapped on Devil's Island". He says that he wishes to be freed from the prison, and that he will relinquish his riches if he can leave. Nico sends the party to free the man.

  • Phil Stohmeseep's Request

    A man named Phil Stohmeseep asks the party to clear out a sect of demon worshippers located nearby. He also asks that they leave a stone box on the cultists' alter, if there is one.

  • For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll

    A year or so after the "One Fight Stand" quest, Arturia and Lucretia are getting married. She invites the party to come, but also asks that the double as bodyguards. This turns out to be useful, as the Stilletroppen is investigating a massive robbery in a …

  • Thriller

    A bard wants to put on a dance performance but can't find many decent dancers in Radan. Therefore, he decides to use zombies as dancers, but he is not allowed to use corpses in the graveyards. He asks the party to kill some bandits.

  • Haunting the Chapel

    Ghosts are haunting the church of Celestian, but the clergy is busy with various other tasks. They hire the party to clear out the spirits.

  • Ghost Division (Nico's Personal Quest)

    Soldiers from the rebellion force that was crushed arrive in Radan. They immediately assault the Rat Catchers HQ. The soldiers reveal that Nico was the one who betrayed the rebellion.

  • Mother's Intuition

    A dragon attacks Radan and says somebody stole her eggs and brought it here. The party is tasked with finding out who took them.

  • The Thing That Should Not Be

    Jade Lynch hires the party to accompany her on a quest to an decrepit temple several days away from Radan. She is going there because there are signs of an ancient monster that should have been banished long ago. At the temple are signs of cult activity, …

  • Babysitters

    The party is hired by Abinad to take care of the Emperor's son while he's visiting Radan to inspect the Stilletroppen's work. He says that if something happens to the kid, the Emperor may very well kill them all.

  • Be Careful What You Wish For

    Soren Holt tells the party that he has misplaced his _Ring of Three Wishes_, which only has one use left. It turns out a child used it and wished for a pet dragon, one that would protect him. Unfortunately, the dragon that arrives is an old black dragon, …

  • Jailbreak

    Kana comes to the party with news that several members of the Radan Rebellion Regiment have been captured by the Stilletroppen, and she needs help breaking them (Kamala, Ferdiad, Asuka) out since the others are out doing various rebel duties.

  • The Boys Are Back In Town

    Old friends of Arel are in town, but she suspects something is up. They arrived unannounced. She says they are part of a gang she used to run with, but they kicked her out for failing to steal some valuable cargo. Arel hires the party to watch her gang's …

  • Take No Prisoners

    Somebody stole Asuka's diary by mistake when they robbed her place. She hires the party to find out who, and to kill them all.

  • Hunting Hunters

    Eleanor hires the party to hunt down multiple beasts for her. The reason? She's hungry but doesn't want to abandon her "kingdom".

  • Loss of Focus

    Somebody has stolen Kana's focus crystals, which are used during her meditation but are also the only mementos she has left of her temple. She hires them to find out who took them. Turns out, they've been sold to a jeweler.

  • Tornado of Souls

    Orianthi wants the party to investigate a why there are an usually high amount of dead spirits rising from the grave, as she's leaving for an expedition. Turns out a magic item made by Soren Holt went horribly wrong (or horribly right) and they have to …

  • Mandatory Suicide

    There have been a string of suicides around town, and it seems to be happening to people who have no reason to kill themselves. The party is asked to investigate the deaths.

  • Silent Scream

    A man has hired to party to help rid of him a scream that he hears every night, one that keeps him awake and is slowly driving him mad. There is only one problem: nobody but him can hear it.

  • Ghost Riders In The Sky

    Radan is attacked by spectral raiders who ride their horses in the air. The party is hired to find out where they came from and to get back what was stolen.

  • Phantom Lord

    An army of ghosts, skeletons, and other undead is ravaging the land, being led by a being called The Phantom Lord. The party is tasked with stopping them before they reach Radan.

  • New Weird Order

    The group of loons hires the party to help them take over the world.

  • Rock and Troll

    A band of trolls and a band of hill giants are at war over who gets to eat a village. The party is asked to stop both.

  • Thunderball

    The party is hired to investigate a roving metallic boulder that is shooting out lightning bolts hither and yon.

  • Snake Charmer

    Lalatina is out to collect a special magic venom from a temple down south, and she wants the party's help when the rest of the Regiment carries out their own duties in Radan.

  • Trailblazer

    Valgrog is planning a marathon for next week's ceremonies held in Kord's name, but he's too busy setting up stuff in Radan to clear a path. He hires the party to do it.

  • World Wide Web

    Ultier has seen a vision of the world strangled in a giant spider web, and he sees that the origin is from somewhere in Old Town. He asks the party to investigate, as he has seen that it is possible for such an outcome to be circumvented.

  • Faces of Fear

    Francis informs the party that he has been treating people who have fainted from shock quite a bit recently, all of whom had passed a not-so-oft traveled road. He asks them to investigate.

  • King of the Ring

    The party is told that a prominent nobleman has vanished. He's been teleported into a ring he purchased, where the party learns that elementals are battling for control over the ring. This is to be settled in a tournament, but things will fall apart if …

  • Ace of Spades

    Grave robbers have been making Orianthi's job a living Hell. She asks them to slaughter whoever has been tearing up the graveyards outside and inside Radan, as she's become occupied with an issue with the Stilletroppen.

  • Whiskey in the Jar

    A merchant's most valuable shipment has been stolen. He asks the party to retrieve it.

  • South of Heaven

    An angel has crashed in the middle of town. He asks the party to help him find a way back to his realm, saying that he will need holy water blessed by a cleric of Rao, a teleportation circle, and someone who can cast the teleport spell.

  • Dream Evil

    Nightmares have been plaguing many of Radan's people. Serana believes that something has corrupted the Temple of Sehanine, and she asks the party to find out what.

  • At Dawn They Feast

    Several vampires in a nearby coven are preparing a feast in the name of Vecna. They have been kidnapping people for this. Rhineheart asks the party to stop the thralls, as they are the ones doing all of the work.

  • Rabid

    Ferdiad has noticed that the animals nearby Radan are becoming increasingly aggressive. He believes somebody has corrupted the forest, and he asks the party to help him remove the corruption.

  • Miracle Man

    A man selling "miracle potions" turns out to be a serial killer. Hymir has taken one of these is has become very sick (he's alive due to his unimaginably high constitution), and Samael wants the party to find who this killer is, as he is too busy tending …

  • Tomb Raider

    Mithlyvia is on vacation and plans to spend it by raiding a temple of Malcanthet. It is located somewhere in a mountain range, and she doesn't want to spend money on real mercenaries. She asks the party to accompany her.

  • All Nightmare Long

    People's nightmares have been manifesting into corporeal creatures. Serana asks if she can send the party into a shared dream to see if they can find out the cause. The issue will be cultists of Iuz have found a way to enter people's dreams and use dark …

  • Big Trouble

    A giant serpent has been seen in the waters near Radan. The party is hired to investigate what exactly it is. Turns out there are many gigantic sea creatures in the nearby seas. Something deep beneath the water is causing abnormal growth in these …

  • Embrace of the Endless Ocean

    The party is asked to investigate something about an island where a weird druid is living. When they approaching, a whirlpool grabs the ship and sends them down to the castle of a water genie. This genie loves games, and he intends to use the party for …

  • Quests

    Page for quests with details below in the "GM Only" section.

  • Take No Prisoners (Phi's Personal Quest)

    There is a massive cult dungeon filled with disgusting people who worship Juiblex. The slimes are seeping out of the dungeon and seeking out enemies of the cult, including devil worshippers. "Phil" asks the party to take care of the dungeon.

  • Thieves in the Temple

    A band of musical thieves have been robbing temples in Radan. The Stilletroppen is too busy with an "undercover investigation" on an illegal gambling group, so the Rat Catchers are hired to take care of it.

  • Two Minutes to Midnight

    Somebody has been robbing butcheries at night time. The guards have been investigating, and have found that the burglaries have been occurring at night. They've found out that they conclude just before midnight, but they haven't been able to capture the …

  • In the Hall of the Mountain King

    The party finds a lost dog and it chases them into a mountain. Inside, they find a group of monsters and their king, who calls himself the mountain king. He'll give them back the dog, but only if they entertain him.

  • Grocery Shopping

    The party's first task: help an old woman purchase groceries. However, when they return to her, the door opens to reveal a much younger woman, who says that the older woman is actually her mother and lives on the other side of town. It turns out that …

  • The Clansman

    Barbarians in some distant hills have their home threatened by a baron who claims to own the land. This disputes a territorial agreement signed by the late Emperor Haakon. The baron is gearing up to forcefully remove the barbarians, and they think it will …

  • Into the Void

    There is trouble in an astral citadel located in the mysterious realm known as "The Void". The monks who live in this astral citadel say that a strange heavenly body is moving towards their home. Too bright to be a meteor and too small to be a star, they …

  • Behind the Wall of Sleep

    People are not waking up, but they show no signs of being dead or in a coma. Kamala believes he knows the problem, but he needs somebody to infiltrate the sleeping peoples' unconscious minds. Since the rest of the Regiment is busy, he asks Rat Catchers …

  • Metal Meltdown

    A machine built by a tinkerer has gone out of control. He needs the party to stop it.

  • Metal Meltdown

    A machine built by a tinkerer has gone out of control. He needs the party to stop it.

  • The Highest Stakes

    A man has lost a lot of money by gambling with a rather shady crew. He asks the party to help him with the next round. What he wants is for the party to make sure that the other party isn't cheating. Eventually, if the party is successful in finding the …

  • Hunter of the Heart

    Gulgrin needs help from the party to find "The Heart of Eikhand", a relic said to be very valuable to the church of Kord that has been lost for ages. The "heart" is not actually Eikhand's heart, but rather an amulet which was said to give him unnatural …

  • Monkey Business

    Monkeys have been stealing from shops. Reportedly, someone has been selling the wares stolen by the monkeys.

  • The Golem Games

    A halfling needs help completing his golem for the upcoming "Golem Games" tournament. He asks the party help him build the best golem possible. He asks them for ideas, and then tells them what he'll need to complete it.

  • Be Jeweled

    There's a wizard in town who keeps a stash of gems powered with spells. Unfortunately, they've been stolen. Not only would it take years to replicate their power, but some of them are extremely dangerous. She asks the party for help.

  • The Lady in the Well

    A man has been hearing voices coming from the well in his backyard. They've been terrifying him for so long that he's been living in an inn for the past few weeks. He asks the party to investigate.

  • Funeral Fog

    A strange mist harboring ghosts has been seen around the cemetery. The party is asked to investigate the source.

  • Freezing Moon

    Several people have been babbling about "following the Freezing Moon". These people have been confined to an asylum temporarily, and the workers there are asking the party to see if they can get to the bottom of it.

  • Forest Peace Summit

    Treants, lycans, humans, elves, gnomes, halflings, and other denizens of the forest are beginning to fight against one another. A hermit has called upon the party to stop the fighting.

  • The Stage Is Set

    A festival is being held and a troupe needs help setting their stage. The only problem is that there is a criminal group that is threatening to shut down the performances if the group doesn't pay "insurance".

  • Retail Nightmares

    The party is asked to look after a shop for a day. Unfortunately, it's the same day that the Cartel has planned a massive heist in a nearby building... via tunneling.

  • War Dogs

    The party is asked to help transport some weapons. Unfortunately for them, the carts are targeted by bandits, goblins, orcs, and the Stilletroppen.

  • Fight For Your Right To Party

    A nobleman is throwing a party to convince a higher ranking lord to go through with a certain land trade deal. A rival nobleman is planning to ruin it. The party is hired to make sure everything goes well.

  • Land Surveying

    Zauberin needs help with a gem mine that she wants to open. She wants the party to clear the way to the mine along with any monsters that may be inside of it.

  • Land Development

    Zauberin needs the party to clear out some monsters that dwell nearby her new mine.

  • Hornet's Nest

    Cailin asks the party to help her with magic practice since Zauberin is busy with the mine at the moment. Basically, she needs to test out new spells she learned and wants the party on hand in case something goes wrong. Things do go wrong when it turns …

  • Bring It Back

    One of Arel's storehouses has been raided, and an heirloom of hers has been accidentally appropriated. She asks the party to steal it back from the Stilletroppen since they know her face and couldn't disguise herself short of a spell (the Stilletroppen's …

  • Rise of the Usurper

    Ferdiad has learned that there are a few orcs in the area have banded together in an attempt to overthrow Radan. Although he thinks they may just turn on each other, he wants the party's help in taking down the conglomerate.

  • Hook in Mouth

    The Knight's Herald newsletter is being threatened by Stilletroppen, and the publisher of the newspaper has come to Rat Catchers for help. The Stilletroppen actually have no idea what the publisher is going on about. Turns out, the Emperor has created a …

  • Rival Shop

    A rival guild is actively trying to put Rat Catchers out of business. They call themselves the "Freelance Fighting Force". Because what they're doing isn't technically illegal, the Stilletroppen are unable to do anything about. Nico decides that they must …

  • Spirits In the Streets

    Various types of incorporeal undead are roaming the streets: ghosts, Will o' Wisps, etc. They seem to originate from somewhere in the Rat Catchers HQ.

  • Wardrobe Malfunction

    Clothes are being possessed by spirits and attacking people. Oddly, only the Stilletroppen don't seem to be effected.

  • Open Door

    A young mage accidentally opened a gate to Hell in his bedroom. The party is tasked with closing it, particularly since it's situated right next to the frozen body of the dude in the frozen lake.

  • Fall of the Stilletroppen

    Due to the Stilletroppen's growing disenchantment in Radan, the Emperor decides they need to be "replaced". He sends the Ingropa to murder Abinad. Mustaine, however, catches wind of the plot and enlists the party to do something about it. He decides to …

  • Holy Wars - The Punishment Due

    The gods themselves call upon the party in the form of a messenger not unlike Phil. A blasphemer has been waging war in the name of Trithereon, claiming to liberate villages from "the crushing grip of the unjust Iuris Empire". In truth, the man leading …

  • Wake Up Dead

    People have been dying in their sleep, and nobody is sure what's going on. Olavi thinks he knows what's up, but he needs the party to help him investigate.

  • Caught in the Spider's Web

    Niji Tatsumaki has requested that Rat Catchers find his missing niece, Rei. She is a member of their monster hunting clan and went missing two weeks ago. He cannot afford to lose more people by sending them to the Underdark, and most mercenaries refuse to …

  • Mary Jane

    A family believes their daughter has been cursed by the ghost of a witch named Mary Jane. They ask the party to find a way to break the curse, as the clerics have tried removing it before; it keeps coming back.

  • Home of Once Brave

    Zauberin has learned of an ancient mage's library and wants to find it before the Emperor's men do. She asks the party to accompany her and Cailin to the site.

  • War Pigs

    Hobgoblins are gearing for war, as an active fortress of theirs has been discovered by a backwater village. The party is hired to destroy it.

  • Crawling Chaos Underground

    After Rei is rescued, she reveals to the party that she has a power to detect when portals to other realms are opened on the Material Plane, be it through spells like _Plane Shift_ or other means. She says that she detected one in the Underdark, but the …

  • The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young

    Rei has detected another portal: one in the Ysbrydion Woods of Arglwyd Rhith. This one leads to the Far Realm, and to a space of that plane known as "The Wood". This means that it is likely being used by the Cult of Shub-Niggurath.

  • The Eater of Souls

    Rei picks up another portal, this time picking one up that links to "The Threshold", the closest point between the Far Realm and the Material Plane. She believes it is none other than the Eater of Souls: Yog-Sothoth. She says that they must act quickly, …

  • Lord of All Things

    After closing the portals that could have brought Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Shub-Niggurath, and Yog-Sothoth to the world, Rei nearly blinds herself. She reveals that its because she detected an overwhelming power, one that nearly drove her to madness, but …

  • Rebellion

    The remnants of the Stilletroppen team up with the Radan Rebellion Regiment. For them, the time has come to bring down the Empire and its corrupted royal family. This combined army decides to join up with others who might have become disloyal to the Royal …

  • Thunder Underground

    Gulgrin Haftstonthet contacts Rat Catchers and asks for several of their employees for aid on a dungeon raid. He's discovered an old underground shrine dedicated to an ancient God of Thunder (THOR! ODIN'S SON! PROTECTOR OF MANKIND!). However, he cannot …

  • Tunnel Snakes

    A Dwarf asks Rat Catchers to retrieve one of his ancestors' heirlooms from Stathgosz, an abandoned Dwarven city. It lies deep within the center of the ancient city, which is believed to have been abandoned due to a terrible monster living close to the …

  • Call From the Grave

    With the winds that blow to the sea, the voices of restless dead come. Rat Catchers is chosen as one of several Adventurer's Guilds to investigate the source of these voices. They can ask one of their allies to help with the investigation. They will be …

  • Enter the Eternal Fire

    An old temple has been unearthed, but it's too dangerous to explore due to raging fires in its halls. Despite this, archeologists want to explore it. Rat Catchers is called in. There, they find there are monsters from Hell spreading the flames and …

  • Tsukitoshi

    "The City of the Moon" is the nickname for Tsukitoshi, an underground city in Nensho that is a haven for lycans. However, it is still a place of violence. The various lycan clans fight each other constantly. Recently, their wars have begun to leak to the …

  • Rat Catchers Freelance

    *Rat Catchers Freelance Inc.* (usually just shortened to *Rat Catchers*) is one of the longest running adventurer's guilds in the empire. While never very profitable or prolific, it has gone on for over fifteen years; most guilds are forced to shut down …

  • Red Eagle

    The *Red Eagle Adevntuter's Guild* (usually shortened to *Red Eagle*) is an adventurer's guild based in Radan. Its head is [[:cazador-araya | Cazador Araya]], who founded it alongside [[:kuriik-of-the-titan-spine-mountains | Kuriik]], [[:od-axe-catcher- …

  • The Tatsumaki Clan

    The *Tatsumaki Clan* is a large faction of monster hunters based in Juukinzoku. Their exact number of members is unknown, but it is estimated to be around 300 hunters around around 50 people under the age of eighteen. The clan's leader is Niji Tatsumaki, …

  • Abinad Diatta

    h3. *Early Life* Very little is known about Abinad's early life. It is known that he worked as a mercenary for quite some time before creating his own sell-swords company called the Toir Tuirc Mercenaries (Toir Tuirc being the region where it was …

  • Zauberin von Edelsteine

    h3. *Early Life* Zauberin was born to Leichenöffnung von Edelsteine and Ermordet von Edelsteine, both of whom were minor nobles and relatives of Count Andrew Archibald. Her mother died of an undisclosed illness not long after Zauberin's birth. Leichenö …

  • Andrew Archibald

    h3. *Early Life* Andrew Archibald is the son of the late Horatio Gerald Patrick Louis Anthony William David Dave Timothy Scott Wilhelm Archibald the Fifth (whom in life preferred to be known as "Tim") and one of Tim's four Elven mistresses. It is said …

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