Arms and Armor Mandate

The Arms and Armor Mandate is a decree issued by Emperor Carolus following the Farris Rebellion. It was designed to limit the weapons and armor those outside of the military could own. Although its terms and punishments are nowhere near as harsh as its sister Charter of Arcane Restriction, it has done well in keeping swords and other weapons out of the hands of commoners who cannot afford to pay according to the terms of the Mandate.

The Arms and Armor Mandate limits the ownership and usage of weapons and armor in the terms listed below:

  • Owning a weapon requires the purchase of an arms permit from any council chamber, town hall, or similar building endorsed by the imperial government. Various permits exist and have different costs. The most common permits cost 200 GP with a 20 GP annual renewal fee, others for more dangerous weapons cost 350 GP with a 35 GP annual renewal fee, and permits for the largest and most dangerous weapons cost 400 GP with a 40 GP annual renewal fee.
  • Weapons must remain within their sheaths or otherwise undrawn when in public except in cases of self-defense.
  • Improvised, handmade, homemade, and similarly made weapons require approval from the government. In addition, they require the appropriate permit as deemed by the government.
  • All owners of weaponry must have their name and vital statistics recorded for government usage.
  • Owning a suit of armor made of metal requires a permit of 100 GP with a 10 GP annual renewal fee. This is for all suits of armor made mostly of metal, such as chain shirts or plate armor.

Only the military and royal family are exempted from the Mandate. The Emperor can also personally exclude people from the Mandate and its terms. In addition, Adventurer Guilds waive their members’ payments of permits with the cost of their own charters. Monster Hunters receive a discount on permits, and Monster Hunter Clans approved by the government waive their permit costs completely.

Arms and Armor Mandate

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