Charter of Arcane Restriction

Written after the Farris Rebellion, the Charter of Arcane Restriction is a decree issued by Emperor Carolus Palatinate designed to neuter the risk of dealing with enemies of the empire proficient in magic. Due to the number of Farris Rebels who wielded some measure of magic, the charter was created to cease the teaching of magic, limit existing magic users, and make the usage of magic a crime that can be punishable by death in some cases. Despite its name, the charter limits more than arcane magic. Divine magic is similarly constricted. Druids who practice in the forest are often hunted down if they are without a license to practice magic. Warlocks are rooted out and put to death on the spot.

The Charter of Arcane Restrictions contents limit magic in many different ways as listed here:

  • To practice magic, one needs a permit that costs 500 GP. To keep the permit from expiring, a monthly fee of 50 GP is required.
  • Practicing magic without a permit results in ten years imprisonment, the sealing of all magic ability, and a fee of 5,000 GP.
  • Divination, conjuration, evocation, transmutation, illusion, and necromancy based spells may only be cast in the presence of an officer of the law (guardsman, Stilletroppen agent, etc.).
  • Magic granted by an otherworldly being is strictly forbidden and punishable by death.
  • Use of magic in an assault, robbery, murder, rape, or similar crime is punishable by death.
  • Magic is forbidden to be taught publicly. Private teachers of magic require a permit, one which costs 7,500 GP and a yearly fee of 300 GP.
  • Magic items are illegal to possess. Items such as the Bag of Holding and Bracers of Defense are confiscated, and the owner is fined. Magic weapons, however, can result in up to five years imprisonment. Permits are required to keep magic items of any sort in one’s home, a one-time payment of 2,500 GP per item coupled with a yearly renewing fee of 50 GP per item.
  • The use of magic to assist an enemy of the empire is punishable by death.
  • Anyone who violates any of the tenants above is placed on a blacklist.

The Charter of Arcane Restriction is often contested by clergies. Some believe that the principles set by the manuscript are far too harsh, but others (mostly noblemen) believe that it is an acceptable writ that keeps potential dangers from arising. Only the Stilletroppen and royal family is exempt from the charter. The Emperor can also personally exclude people from the charter and its terms.

Charter of Arcane Restriction

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