Important Dates

Iuris celebrates 25 holidays, most of which are dedicated to a deity, but some are national holidays that commemorate the empire. Bold entries are religious holidays and italicized bold entries are national holidays. They are:

January 1 – New Year’s Celebration: The holiday for Istus, where her followers predict the forthcoming year and people pray that she weaves their fates towards their desired paths.

January 23 – Dwarven Jubilee: The holiday for Moradin. Dwarves on this day pay respect to their ancestors and ask Moradin to protect them in their endeavors.

February 6 – Carolus Palatinate’s Birthday: The birthday of Emperor Carolus Palatinate. Most businesses shut down for the day so that the emperor’s subjects may relax as he does.

February 19 – Mage Day: The holiday for Boccob. Due to the Charter of Arcane Restriction, most celebrations on this day have ceased, but mages still perform special ceremonies in hopes that Boccob will help guide them in their pursuits.

March 17 – Day of the Elven Protector: The holiday for Corellon Larethian. Elves burn incense while in a trance to ask Corellon to grant them protection.

March 21 – The Green Festival: The holiday for Beory. On this day, trees are planted and seeds are sown. At night, a feast is held in Beory’s name.

April 1- The Great Gala: The holiday for Olidammara. Many businesses are closed this day, as parties are thrown around the empire in the name of the god of revelry.

April 15 – Night of the Moon’s Kiss: The holiday for Sehanine Moonbow. It is a time when couples celebrate their love for one another. Nightmares never occur on this night, and many are blessed with sweet dreams.

April 19 – Shalm’s Day: The holiday for Obad-hai. Hunters, lumberjacks, and butchers do not perform their usual tasks on this day. Followers of Obad-hai spend the day spread seeds throughout the wilderness so that they might one day grow.

April 28 – Foundation Day: A holiday celebrating the founding of the Empire of Iuris. Peasants, serfs, and commoners do not work on this day so that they may appreciate the land in which they live.

May 6 – National Day of Peace: Rao’s holiday. Soldiers are given relief from training on this day. Guard cycles are reduced so that they have less of a chance of getting involved in a struggle during a day of peace.

May 19 – Day of the Mountain Goddess: Ulaa’s holiday. Dwarves spread the dust of ground up gems over alters dedicated to Ulaa on this day.

May 21 – The Grand Tourney: Kord’s holiday, in which multiple events of sport are held in his honor. These events are the largest of the year, no less than ten times the size of other contests held in Kord’s name.

June 18 – Stargazer’s Night: The holiday for Celestian. At night, festivals are held where the stars are observed while food is served and music is played.

June 21 – The Sun Father’s Day: The holiday for Pelor. Celebrations held during the day include races and feasts. When the sun descends, the festivities end.

July 4 – Forest Day: The holiday for Ehlonna. Her followers bring offerings to her on this day, often in the form of special brew that helps plants grow.

July 14 – The Liberty Jubilee: The holiday for Trithereon. A day that celebrates individuality and liberty, formality is dropped in places where it usually belongs.

August 5 – Parade of Lights: The holiday for Pholtus. Parades are held in his honor at night, during which lanterns, torches, and the like are raised to bring light to the darkness.

September 9 – Valor Day: The holiday for Heironeous. Soldiers, knights, and others who have proved themselves chivalrous, valorous, and daring for all that is good are honored.

September 28 – Golden Day: The holiday for Garl Glittergold. Gnomes leave small tributes to Glittergold at his shrines, usually a small handcrafted gold idol.

October 16 – Traveler’s Day: The holiday for Fharlaghn. On this day, his shrines are aglow with flames lit by his followers, often done with incense and herbs.

October 29 – Coronation Day: The celebration of the coronation of Emperor Carolus Palatinate. In the morning, the emperor delivers a message transmitted via magic. For the rest of the day, workers do not have to arrive to their jobs.

November 8 – Carousel: A national holiday to celebrate the fortunes of the year thus far, as soon winter shall arrive and cause hardship around the empire. Festivals are thrown around the realm.

December 2 – Winter Gathering: A national holiday where the people of Iuris spend the entire day gathering the supplies they will need for the forthcoming winter.

December 31 – Crepuscule: The holiday for Wee Jas. As it is the conclusion of the year, clerics of Wee Jas compare it to the end of life before the journey into the afterlife, a new beginning that is the new year the following day.

Important Dates

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