Other Nations

The Material Plane has a dozen nations other than Iuris. However, none are anywhere close to the size and power of Iuris. There is no landmass even one tenth the size of Iuris. Many of these kingdoms are isolated, and some are experiencing civil war. Below is a list of these kingdoms.

Asten is an isolated island located far in the north. It is inhabited by giants and their slaves.

Briswald is a kingdom ruled by orcs. They are said to be extremely brutal to anyone who finds themselves ashore. There exists one detailed report in Iuris concerning the island and its people. It is said to be one of the most difficult pieces of literature to read, and the author is said to have been haunted by nightmares for the next ten years.

Callenwind is a pair of islands in the center of the world. It was once inhabited by several tribes before an explorer named Tyrane Callen took over the desert lands.

Engwollyd is a circular island with a central bay. It is mostly elven and very hostile to outsiders. Non-elves who live on the island are often shunned.

Grisengild is a volcanic island inhabited mostly by fire elementals, magmin, and fire genasi. It is very sparsely populated. However, it is said that Hyron Lessafer, the Tiefling Pirate King, hid his treasure on the island. Explorers occasionally brave the island in search for this horde, and they occasionally come back alive.

Lillieta is a mostly elven kingdom. It is a vast and dense jungle, and the elves avoid its center for an unknown reason. Some believe a terrible monster lives there, such as a dragon, or perhaps the Tarrasque.

Motis is a very small island inhabited by a few gnome spellcasters and many warforged. The gnomes battle one another over control of the island, and the warforged help in fighting. This battle has been going on for two hundred years and neither side has gained complete control.

Retisella is a kingdom once ruled by humans, but a powerful warlock devoted to Yog-Sothoth brought it down by unleashing aberrant horrors onto the island. It is now inhabited only by maddening aberrations. While its treasure remains unclaimed, none have been brave enough to face the dangers of the island.

Savvesbere is a tiny island cluster ruled by a duchy. They have a very small population, but they haven’t experienced war in years.

Sythian is a (comparatively) large island kingdom. It is currently in a state of civil war, as the ruling House of Fosberg has been challenged by the House of Rosenfaust. Both sides are tearing into each other.

Tatia is a small archipelago controlled by Kua Toa. It has never posed a threat to anyone before, and likely never will.

Zakara is a small island far in the south. It is said to be a haven for fugitives from Iuris. Clans of these criminals struggle for control of the snowy, icy region.

Other Nations

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