Radan is a port town located in western Toir Tuirc. It is the location of the Stilletroppen headquarters and Rat Catchers Freelance Inc. There are 7,892 people who live in the town’s walls, and 344 who live outside the walls but in the limits. Surrounding Radan is a somewhat dense forest, which is home to two elven tribes. There is a bog located beyond that forest. The port in Radan is one of the most active in Iuris.

Radan’s mayor is Valver Albold. He runs the town fairly well, though his rampant alcoholism and penchant for lying has lessened peoples’ opinion on him. Valver answers to Count Andrew Archibald, the nobleman who oversees the entire Toir Tuirc region.

Radan is built atop a former city that was razed in the early days of Iuris due to a revolt. This city remains buried beneath the catacombs and is referred to as “Old Town” by Radan’s residents. Old Town is said to have unclaimed riches, but it is also a very dangerous place to explore due to the denizens of the area.

Although Radan is far from the largest settlement in Iuris, it is a hub for religious pilgrims. There are six temples and three shrines dedicated to the gods within the city limits.


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